Keeping Up With The Chores: The “Unseen” To-Do’s

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Making a house feel like a home is something all homeowners strive to accomplish. Most homeowners keep up with the obvious tasks such as mowing the lawn, sweeping the floor, and dusting the shelves. They change the air filters, replace the light bulbs, and wash the windows. With all of the routine chores that add aesthetic appeal, it is easy … Read More

The Details Matter

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At AW Homes, we are proud of our reputation as one of the premier homebuilders in the region, specializing in custom homes under $500,000. That reputation has been earned with over 25 years of caring about the every detail that goes into a home, from how the initial foundation is poured to every countertop and exterior finish. While our experience … Read More

Building a Home: What Does it Really Take?

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What comes to mind when you think about building a custom home? Do you think “It’s too complicated!” or “Oh, simple.  I need a foundation, next put down a floor, then construct the walls, build the roof, and finally finish the interior?”  While those are all pieces of the process, it is much more complicated than those simple, broadly defined steps; but … Read More