AW Homes Layout, Design and Construction Process

New home design and construction planning

Our passion is in designing and constructing homes that our clients will take pride in for many years with countless family memories. One of our greatest compliments is when a customer approaches us to “move up” or to “downsize” their home. And there is nothing like driving by an AW built home and knowing that the homeowners are satisfied and “at home”. It is this feeling of pride that inspires everything we do throughout design and construction.

We work closely with clients to create house plans that meet their expectations. We start with floor plans and from there every detail is specified. From trim work and fixtures, to appliances and exterior finishes, we cover each detail of the design and construction process with precision and detailed accuracy. It is not just the end product that matters, but also what goes into it. We only use quality materials, parts and appliances in our homes.

Quality of Materials

At AW Homes we believe a home is only as good as the materials and workmanship that goes into it. That is why we work with only quality materials from the best vendors in the business. We inspect all materials delivered to us to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

Quality of Workmanship: Our record of consistent, excellent workmanship is no accident. We take pride in everything we produce. Sourcing only the best craftsmen with extensive experience and knowledge, each of our sub-contractors serves as an integral part of our construction team, so the home construction process is seamless to the home owner.

Alan White and Andy White, AW Homes ContractorsQuality of Supervision. We review the home site and all plans for each job in advance, consulting with engineers and the appropriate experts on our team to ensure structural integrity, noting any areas that need attention or adjustment. The owners, Andy White and Alan White, personally supervise each job and all phases of construction.

Standards Of Performance: We have established relationships with the best sub-contractors and material vendors in the market. All must meet our high quality standards and have a record of consistency and reliability. AW Homes standards of performance are clearly communicated and we work with every sub-contractor to ensure all work is carried out properly to meet the expectations of our clients.

Personal Supervision: Owners, Andy White and Alan White, are heavily engaged in all aspects of the design and construction processes for every project. They make regular visits to each job, overseeing progress and ensuring every phase of construction runs smoothly and all standards are met.

Review of Deliveries and Workmanship: After materials and parts are delivered to us, we perform a quality-control inspection. In addition, we regularly review each sub-contractor’s overall integrity of workmanship.

Integrated Work Plans: There are many moving parts to building a home from sub-contractors providing specialized services such as electrical or HVAC, to paint, appliances and lighting vendors. We develop an integrated work plan so every player on the team understands their role and the dependencies on them. We make sure every sub-contractor or vendor has full access to whatever resources and materials they need and the necessary time and space to produce quality work.

AW Homes Design Process

  • Discovery

    Identify basic home design needs — number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, etc. Our goal is to match budget with size, finishes and features such that informed decisions can be made on all aspects of the home.

  • Site Visit

    Location visit to review lot conditions that may pre-determine limits and potentials of the home design for the specific location.

  • Floor Plan

    Custom or stock floor plan is decided on. We are careful to include all design details when custom designing a home and to identify necessary modifications on stock plans.

  • Home Specifications

    A specifications list is created that outlines all interior and exterior features, mechanicals, details, etc.

  • Preliminary Plans

    Preliminary plans are drawn and submitted for client review and input. Any modifications are made and the plans are finalized.

  • Final Floor Plan

    Floor plans and home specifications are finalized and agreed upon. Construction begins.

AW Homes Construction Process

  • Project Launch Meeting

    All design plans and specifications are reviewed by the team.

  • Pricing Finalized

    Budget and allowances determined. Financing secured.

  • Permits Secured

    All building and utility permits pulled and secured.

  • Site Foundation

    Lot cleared and graded. Foundation set.

  • Framing through "Dry In" Stage

    Framing and permanent roofing complete. Windows and doors installed, and exterior sheathed and wrapped.

  • Mechanical Systems Installed

    Plumbing, electrical and HVAC “rough-in” are completed.

  • Interior Finishes Applied

    Insulation, wall coverings, trim, fixtures, cabinets and appliances delivered and installed.

  • Exterior Finished

    Exterior finishes and trims. Landscaping, driveway, walk ways and other exterior options completed.

  • Final Inspections

    Completion of all inspections, Certificate of Occupancy, move-in date and warranty execution.

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