What Makes a Home a “Great Home”?

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A home is so much more than a house – it is the single biggest investment most people make in their whole lives. Beyond the financial investment, it is the place you raise your children. Where you watch them learn and grow. Where you sit down and share meals together. Where you laugh together. Where you make memories together. Where you weather out storms – literal and figurative. And where you grow old together.

Quality Materials Make For a Great HomeWhat makes a home a great home is what goes into it. A great home requires quality of materials, workmanship, and attention throughout the construction process. Additionally, it is the owner’s appreciation of the quality and workmanship, and the pride invested in building a home that make it great.

At AW Homes, we have a history of building great homes from the ground up. Our close attention to detail and personal inspection of materials and sub-contractor’s work ensures that our homes are built to last. We aren’t afraid to send materials back or to have our sub-contractors redo their work.

We only use experienced lot clearing and grading sub-contractors who understand the impact of ground topography and water runoff. We pour footings and lay foundations, giving them the appropriate amount of time to set to ensure their full strength and integrity. All of our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers, delivered on-site and inspected. Materials that don’t meet our standards are sent back without question. Our framers are diligent in their cuts and measurements, setting each component appropriately. Our plumbers, electricians and HVAC crews are experts in their respective fields running their pipes, wires and ductwork with care. We give each step of the construction process the attention it deserves and make sure the quality you want in your home is built in it from the ground up. We are creating a quality home you can take pride in and that’s what makes your home a great home.

Nothing says “long term” like buying a house and at AW Homes nothing is more important than a house that is built for “the long term”. Over the last 30 years we have honed our image and reputation as one of the best custom home builders in Moore County, North Carolina. We expect only the best from our crews and sub-contractors because our customers expect the best from us. AW built homes are meticulously thought out, designed and constructed because to our customers it is not just a house we are building, it’s their home.

The next time you are in the market for a new home, addition, renovation or home repair, call AW Homes, the full-service custom home builder you can trust to build quality and “greatness” into your project.


Kathleen White
Financial Manager & Designer
AW Homes